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Got Pasta?

Got Pasta?

Think you’re craving pasta? Wait until you read today’s featured story for the #SmallBusinessWeek series.

Over a decade ago, Renato Sardo left his home country to move to California for love. As the former head of Slow Food International for 8 years, Renato helped organizing national and local Slow Food events for the San Francisco chapter, where he met molecular biologist and food-lover Dario Barbone. The slow food movement values local foods, traditional cooking, and food sustainability worldwide which naturally brought these two Italians together 🤝 Indeed, they both long dreamed of putting the theory of the Slow Food movement into practice by becoming smallbatch makers themselves; so they did In pasta they do trust thanks to their Northern Italian roots where food is more than a passion: it’s a way of communicating and living. Imagine their surprise when they found out the majority of wheat used by Italian chefs is actually grown here in North America! Yet finding quality dry pasta was no easy task, so they created Baia Pasta in 2011.

They set shop in Oakland, CA; home for the food conscious community as locals play their part in making sustainable food good for the people, the makers, and the Earth If you visit Baia pasta manufacturing facilities, you’ll see Dario and Renato making pasta with their 3 employees Matteo, Gerado, and Jamal using an old-fashioned drying process. An authentic artisanal company just the way we like! #KnowYourArtisan

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