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Two Brothers with one Passion

Two Brothers with one Passion

#NationalBrothersDay calls for introducing you to artisanal olive oil makers, Evan Loewy and Ben Herrmann.

Raised on an orchard their parents bought when they were kids, Evan and Ben grew up with a love for olive trees. These two brothers eventually left their rustic life to pursue different interests and graduate from college. But they couldn’t stay away from their roots for long! Compelled to follow their passion for authentic food, Ben & Evan made the life-changing decision to quit their corporate jobs and come back to a smaller-scale and more rudimental way of living: farming.⠀ ⠀

The Other Brother Company culture was inspired by the artisans’ childhood experiences on the orchard -a fun small family-owned business that can support those they love: their family, friends, and the artisanal foodie community ⠀ ⠀ You can find them going after the “good goods”, handpicking olives with the help of their grandma along the California coast to make their cold-pressed organic olive oils! #KnowYourAritsan

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