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Snack? Yes Please!

Snack? Yes Please!

In the heart of her kitchen back in the summer of 2012, Abigail Wald came up with a snack bar so good it quickly had everyone say YES for it!

Suffering from food sensitivities and health challenges at the time, Abigail’s now-9 year old-son struggled to find snacks he could indulge on. Indeed, it isn’t easy to find all non-gmo, paleo-friendly, egg, wheat, dairy and gluten free snack bars The sadness that comes with refusing your child something they want was a feeling Abigail was well-accustomed with. She vowed to create a bar so yummy and healthy that next time he’d ask for a snack, she could say YES.

She grabbed all the food that was naturally free of gluten, dairy, soy and corn in her kitchen and started experimenting.

The verdict? Not only did her son love The Yes Bar, but so did her older son, husband, cycling friends, neighbors, local shops, staff team at myPanier, and we know you will too! But most importantly, Abigail can now say yes to her son ️ #KnowYourArtisan

Yes Bar Collection available at myPanier

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