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What is an Advent Calendar?

What is an Advent Calendar?

Christmas time is coming, and you do not have your advent calendar yet? What a mistake! This tradition is still famous in France, and you must get one early to be sure to have one!

The origin of this tradition

The Advent Calendar is a Christian tradition dating from the 19th century. This tradition takes place during the period called the Advent period which corresponds to the period before Christmas, the first 24 days of December. Originally, it was in Germany that children received a holy and pious image every day of December to make them wait until Christmas Day. It was not until 1920 that cardboard Advent Calendars, decorated with small windows to open, appeared. And it is only in the 50's that the Advent Calendars filled with chocolates were created.

Why do you need your Advent Calendar?

It is the launch of the magical Christmas period …

The principle is simple: each morning in December, a box corresponding to the day is opened. Inside, a small gift is hidden to keep you waiting until December 25th.

This tradition has endured the test of time. Because children are always impatient to receive the Christmas gifts scattered under the tree, children are taught patience by being restricted to opening only one window per day for a month.

It is also a way to mark the beginning of the season. Indeed, if for the retailers this period begins in November, for the individuals, the Christmas spirit will have to wait until December to be felt. With the purchase of gifts, the preparation of the festivities and the house decorations, young and old can't wait for the party to begin. That's why the advent calendar is so popular. It launches the Christmas season and allows us to receive a small gift every day until we give and receive those prepared by our loved ones.


Today you can find the advent calendar of your dreams

Today, the advent calendar is no longer a simple religious image. It is not only a chocolate to be tasted. Indeed, brands innovate by creating a calendar adapted to all. From the calendar filled with Pokemon chocolates or with the effigy of your favorite figurine to the calendar containing Haribo candies, beauty products, Lego, spices or even cookies and jam, the advent calendar of your dreams exists! There is something for every taste and every budget.

Find the collection of advent calendars selected by myPanier to facilitate the wait until Christmas.

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