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French butter, better than other butter ?

French butter, better than other butter ?


It is not a secret that butter is one of chef’s favorite ingredients, for butter can elevate the taste of any cooked meal, whether it's meat, pasta, vegetables or simply a slice of bread.  

When shopping for butter we are often faced with choosing from several types: French Butter, American Butter, Salted Butter, Unsalted Butter, Churn Butter, Whipped, Light Butter or Plant based, the list can go on making it hard to choose which one to buy. 


How to choose your butter ?

In fact, each type of butter plays a role in making a specific recipe the best it can be, so it really depends on what we are planning to cook or eat.

For daily cooking or if you want to cook something just to add fat and not for the taste, you can use American butter. It is cheaper and it will be perfect for this use.

For a piece of beef, fish, vegetables, or potatoes, salted butter would suit the best. It will bring a salty taste that will be perfect for your savory preparations.

The churn butter is considered a superior quality product for its rich flavor. It is created with the cream of milk and requires a lot of traditional kneading.

For baking or cooking something for what butter is the main ingredient, it is best to use unsalted French butter. European style butters are the best for baking, the taste is richer, and your recipe will be even better.

Another type of butter you will find on the market is light butter. This butter can be an excellent choice if you want to enjoy a slice of bread without having to eliminate the butterfat as it has half the calories, saturated fat and cholesterol found in regular butter, keep in mind that light butter does not support cooking.

One more butter is whipped butter. This type has a very fluffy texture due to the air pockets created on it during the manufacturing process.

If you have guests, choose the Conviette and place it on the table near the plate of each person with a piece of bread. This French tradition is perfect between dishes and your guests will enjoy this butter spread on bread.

The last type is margarine. Margarine is made of vegetable fat while butter is made of animal fat. For a long time, margarine was known as a healthier butter but in fact, it is made of an unhealthy combination of saturated and trans fats. Using margarine used to be immensely popular in American cooking, however this has changed as more Americans are trying to make healthier choices by choosing real butter instead.


What is the difference between French and American butter?

Many of us wonder why French butter tastes different than American one. In fact, the difference comes from the composition of each one. European butter and particularly French butter have at least 82% or 85% fat, whereas American butter is made to match a standard of 80% fat. This difference in fat ratio gives French butter not only a rich flavor but also a softer texture and a low melting point which describes well French butter.

Normandy, Franche Comté and Nouvelle Aquitaine are French regions known for their expertise of creating good butter. Therefore, French butter is famous, for its unique taste acquired by years of expertise.

The last difference between French and American butter is the color. American butter is white while French butter is yellow. The difference in color is due to cows’ diet which impacts milk and thus butter.  


Whatever you want to do with your French butter, find the one that will be the most suitable for your recipe at myPanier.


How to make Sautéed potatoes with butter and parsley

Recipe by: Recette de Laylita



1. Boil potatoes in water until tender but firm, about 6min.

2. Drain and sauté potatoes with butter, chopped parsley and fleur de sel.

3. Serve hot with vegetables and a beef steak.

And Bon appétit !

How to make a soft Quatre Quart pure butter

Recipe by: Le Journal des Femmes

Andre Laurent - Sauerkraut Heart of Cabbage, 600g (21.2 oz) Jar - myPanier



1. Preheat your oven to 180°C. Melt the butter for 30 seconds in the microwave.

2. Mix the butter with the sugars (fine and vanilla). Add eggs litle by little.

3. Once this mixture is done, add the flour little by little. Be careful: do it in small quantities to avoid lumps.

4. After the flour, add the baking powder. Mix until you have a perfect mixture.

5. To finish, butter your pan, pour in the batter and place in the oven. Start watching after 40 minutes of cooking. As long as the cake doesn't blacken, you can leave it in the oven. After 60 minutes maximum, the cake is sure to be sumptuous.

And Bon appétit !

Bon appetit !

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