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What Are Chocolate Truffles?

What Are Chocolate Truffles?

Chocolate truffles are bite-sized heavenly confections. They are lumpy spheres made of ganache rolled into cacao powder. Ganache is made by heating heavy cream and pouring it onto chocolate; it is then whisked together until the mixture becomes silky and smooth.

chocolate truffles in a bowl - myPanier

Why are they called chocolate truffles?

These heavenly chocolaty goodness are named truffles because of their striking resemblance to the truffles, which are fungi (mushrooms) that grow underground. Most edible truffles grow near oak, birch, hazel, and pine trees. Farmers harvested truffles by using pigs to sniff them out. Unfortunately for the farmers, pigs love to eat these costly fungi. Farmers then trained dogs to find the truffles.

Fun fact, a dog's snout is also called a truffle in French.

Where are Chocolate truffles from?

Chocolate truffles are from Chambéry, which is an Alpine town in France. Legend says that they were created in 1920 by Auguste Escoffier, a French chef, owner of three restaurants, and the author of several cookbooks. It is said that they were created by accident when one of Escoffier's apprentices accidentally spilled hot cream into a bowl of chopped chocolate. At the sight of it, Escoffier shouted "ganache," which means idiot. Thanks to this apprentice's accident, the chocolate truffle was created.

What do chocolate truffles taste like?

Did I already mention they taste like heaven? Chocolate truffles are soft and slightly sticky. They melt in your mouth. These confections are sweet but not too sweet and have a rich chocolate taste without being bitter. They are the perfect little treats to sink your teeth in.

Where can I buy Chocolate truffles?

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

You can purchase chocolate truffles through myPanier. The site has quite the variety from plain to mint, caramel, raspberry, licorice, candied orange, and more!

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