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5 Waffle Facts You Must Know - myPanier

5 Waffle Facts You Must Know

5 Waffle Facts You Must Know - myPanier

Light and fluffy on the inside, with a buttery and crispy outside, it's no wonder why the waffle has been a breakfast favorite since as early as the middle ages. In fact, the first recorded waffle recipe comes from a 14th century manuscript titled Le Menagier de Paris where a newlywed husband recorded his recommendations for his beloved bride so she could recreate this delicacy herself. 

Think that fact was interesting? We thought you might! Let's go ahead and dive into a few others. 

Loved All Around the World

While the Belgian waffle may be the most popular, there are other varieties that are greatly favored as well. Some notable waffles worth sinking your teeth into include American, Scandinavian, Liege, French and Dutch. 
This breakfast staple doesn't have to only be enjoyed in the morning with fruit, syrup or butter. Consider trying these French caramel waffle cookies for a taste of something different. 

A Tasty World Record

On your hungriest morning, how many waffles do you think you could eat? If you said any number less than 29, then you have a ways to go to beat world record holder Paul Bertoletti. In 2007, Paul consumed 29 8oz waffles, during Waffle House's third annual waffle eating contest. Did we mention that he completed this in just 10 minutes!? 

All in a Name

First appearing in the English language in 1725, the word waffle stems from the Dutch word, wafel, which means wafer. 

Welcome to America

The Belgian waffle wasn't introduced to America until 1962 and at that time, it was known as the Brussels waffle. It wasn't until at the 1964 - 65 World's Fair in Queens, New York where this waffle type rose in popularity. 

A Belgian family, The Vermerschs, set up a booth at the fair and shortly after they set-up, a line formed for these fluffy, yet crisp, delicacies. Sticklers for tradition, the family refused forks or knives to paying customers, because they insisted that eating with utensils was simply not how waffles were to be consumed. 

If you visit Belgium, you'll find that many establishments believe this is still the best way to enjoy a proper waffle. 

5 Waffle Facts You Must Know - myPanier

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Buffy Wells - November 17, 2023

I enjoy my Dadd waffles the most.❤️ crisp on the outside, fluffy inside. BEST ever.

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