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3 Ways to Have Great Conversations - myPanier

3 Ways to Have Great Conversations

3 Ways to Have Great Conversations - myPanier

The summer season is a time filled with pool parties, backyard BBQ's and dinner parties, which means a variety of social interactions with friends, family and strangers alike. 

One reason we love food here at myPanier, is the power it has to bring people together from all walks of life. While cocktails and food can provide you with the courage you may need to have a conversation with new people, these components can only take you so far. Instead of small talk about the weather, we want to encourage you to engage in meaningful exchanges.

Let's walk through a few simple things you can do to break the ice. 

3 Ways to Have Great Conversations - myPanier

Encourage Others to Share Their Stories
While you may find it difficult to open up yourself, most people will find it easy to talk about themselves once they're invited to do so. Offer up open-ended questions when you meet someone new, such as 'What do you enjoy most about living in Orange County?' or 'I hear you're quite a whiz in the kitchen! I'd love to hear what inspires you to bake'. 

Everyone has a story waiting to be heard! 

Be Genuine

Show genuine interest in those around you. Doing this simple act, will not only encourage others to want to get to know you better, but it will make your conversations so much more meaningful.

3 Ways to Have Great Conversations - myPanier

Make a Deliciously Unique Dish

Whether you're grilling a gourmet steak using a rub from your favorite artisanal brand, creating a refreshing summer cocktail or crafting a platter of hard to find cheeses and meats, food is one of the easiest ways to spark a great conversation. 

Usually if a dish tastes delicious, features hard to find items or is simply a recipe that its maker is proud of topics of conversation are not out of grasp. Use your creativity if you're wanting to know more about a particular food. For example, instead of saying 'Where'd you find that meat rub?' try saying 'What does that rub consist of?'

3 Ways to Have Great Conversations - myPanier

We want to hear from you! How do you navigate summer get-togethers? Tell us your favorite ice breakers or recipes that are guaranteed crowd pleasers!

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