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Symphonie Fruitee

The French creator of the Symphonie Fruitée® brand, Brice Genevey, has been making jams since childhood. Originally from Noyantais (49), this artisan jam maker prepared from the age of 8 the fruits that her Grandmother Marie used to make her jams. A true conductor of a joyful tribe, Mamie Marie multiplied, under the attentive and greedy glance of her grandchildren, the culinary experiments. In 2019, in Baugé, Symphonie Fruitée was born with a finely sweet fruity recipe. A nice name that evokes by pronouncing it the symphony of fruit when cooked. Crafted by hand, from high quality selected fruits, Symphonie Fruitée® jams and jellies preserve the qualities and aromas of the fruits, thanks to a short and controlled cooking. Authentic and refined recipes! Before “falling into the jam pot”, Brice Genevey began his professional career in finance. A banker in Paris and then in Hong Kong where he lived for eight years, Brice Genevey decided one day to leave this “dematerialized” universe to start a new life with one of his childhood memories: that of the homemade jams he prepared with his Grandmother Marie. With these delicious fruity perfumes and these delicately sweetened flavors, he decided to perpetuate them by becoming a jam maker: an ode to greediness


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