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Biscuiterie de Bourgogne et Chocolaterie Chopard

Founded in 2012, La Biscuiterie de Bourgogne is a French authentic company making quality biscuits mainly in the format of a bite to be enjoyed “on the go” alone or accompanied by a hot drink. In 2020, the chocolate division within the Biscuiterie de Bourgogne was created by its manager of the same name and Simon, the pastry chef chocolatier. Since, The Chopard Chocolate Factory was added to the company. The French ingredients for the most part: Wheat flour and Burgundy egg white, soft butter 82%, French sugar. This is how products made by 2 chocolatier and biscuit specialists are now part of the quality products market. Now you know that you can have the pleasure of tasting a product full of love and passion created by enthusiasts whose mission is to delight the palate of young and old and to see a sparkle in the eyes of every gourmet.


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