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Balade en Provence

Balade en Provence, which means “a walk in Provence” is a family owned company established in 2016. The company was created in the South of France in the village of Opio. Unlike a lot of conventional water-based beauty products, they are crafting artisanal handmade solid beauty bars from natural, organic ingredients. As a solid, concentrated bar, it is an ecological product. There’s no need for a plastic bottle or chemical preservatives. When they crafted the first solid night cream in 2019, they were so proud of the positive feedback from their consumers ("my skin is so soft in the morning", "my sensitive skin is loving it", etc...). Since, they made the commitment to innovate more in the Organic Facial Solid Skincare category. Then, they launched the First Solid Eye Serum in 2021. All their bars are artisan handmade in France, and the packaging is always compostable and recyclable, printed with vegetable ink. The facial skincare products are 100% natural and contain a minimum of 32% organic content. The products are certified Organic, Vegan and they seek fair-trade certification too.


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