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Akka Handcrafted Food available on myPanier artisan marketplace
Akka's Handcrafted Foods combines authentic spices and fresh ingredients to make relishes and chutneys inspired by South Indian cuisine.

Lawrence Dass grew up in a large family with many siblings. Growing up, his Akkas (whom he called “older sisters” in Tamil) were the ones who took care of everyone by cooking food made with love and care. One day, one of his akka visited him from India and used the Meyer Lemons growing in his California backyard to make the traditional South Indian style pickled relish. The relish was well received by many, including Lawrence’s friends who were unfamiliar but intrigued with Indian cooking. Since then, Akka’s Handcrafted Food has expanded to handcrafting chutneys, simmer sauces and marinades.


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