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Rougie - Perigord Pork & Duck Pate, 80g (2.8oz)

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Rougie Pork and Duck Pate is a French spread made with mixture of minced vegetables, meat, following the traditional recipe from Perigord

  • Product of Quebec, Canada

Pork, duck meat, duck foie gras, duck liver, whole liquid eggs, modified tapioca starch, port wine (Tawny port wine, salt, pepper, sulfites), salt, gelatin, whey protein concentrate, onions, parsley, garlic, sugar, pepper, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrates, (contains, eggs, milk and sulfites)

Directions for Use:
Chill 30 minutes before serving. Refrigerate after opening.

Tasting Suggestions:

  • Serve with toasts or crackers as an appetizer course

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