The Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey is a liquid gold because of the wide number ways we can use this product! Its anti-inflammatory effects soothe coughs and relief allergy symptoms. Loaded with antioxidants, this sweet concoction can protect against cellular damage and enhance memory. It serves as a source of natural energy and a great substitute for processed sugar. Thanks to its sweet taste, honey is even considered a mood booster!

Bee Local, Maker of Authentic Honey

It all began in 2011, when founder Damian Magista noticed that the hives he placed in different neighborhoods of his hometown, Portland, Oregon. The resulting honeys had their own distinct profiles, from color to viscosity, and tasted more complex than their flavorless mass-produced counterparts. Seeing how many companies nowadays were resorting to harsh commercial beekeeping practices, Damian was inspired to do better.

The cornerstones of Bee Local are trust and transparency. When you buy a jar of their honey, you can be sure that the content inside matches 100% with what is written on the label outside.

Bee Local never mixes any of their honeys. Like great coffee and wine, origins matter. Their honeys are collected from hives in various parts of Oregon, Texas, and New York. Therefore, each jar must be a pure reflection of the geographic area and climate it was produced in. In search for the finest honeys, Bee Local also chooses hive locations where crops nearby are grown using only organic agricultural practices. In doing so, they can ensure that their hardworking bees remain unharmed and produce quality honey safe to ingest.


Bee Local Approved™ beekeepers also believe trust and transparency in good beekeeping practices

Moreover, their honeys are never cooked or treated to preserve the authenticity of their flavors. In fact, their honeys are so raw, you can find traces of pollen inside! The health benefits actually lie inside these pollen, something not commonly found amongst commercial honey.

Honey Recipes

The wonderful thing about Bee Local’s raw honey is how versatile it is! It is delicious in sauce or glaze or dressing for any meal of the day. It even tastes amazing in desserts and drinks!

Raw Honey

We’ve mentioned previously that the origin of a honeys greatly influences its taste. If a bee pollinates an area with a lot wildflowers, notes of wildflowers will appear in the honey. Their West Coast Wildflower Raw Honey is a prime example. Similarly, their Oregon High Desert Raw Honey encapsulates sage, rabbit bush, larkspur, buckwheat, plox, and other aromatic wildflowers grown in that particular region. Boasting the beauty of the lush Portland farmland area, their Portland Farmland Raw Honey has a touch of blue and blackerries. Now imagine having all those flavors in your culinary arsenal–the amount of ideas you have revving up in your head right now!

bee local-fried chicken with smoked honey sauce-mypanier.jpg

Double Dipped Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Smoked Honey Sauce

Smoked Honey Sauce

Their Smoked Honey Sauce is cold-smoked with White Oak and infused with Lapsang Souchong, a type of black tea made with leaves roasting over pine wood fires. With apple vinegar cider added to the mix, the flavor is reminiscent of the vibrant fall season. Drizzled over a wedge of cheese, it will deliver a robust flavor like you’ve never tasted before! This Smoked Honey Sauce also serves as a rich marinade for beef brisket or an extraordinary glaze over roasted vegetables.

Honey Water

Honey water is an incredible syrup sweetener for cold or hot beverages! Made with raw American Wildflower Honey and fresh Oregon water, it’ll give that extra “oomph” to your regular cup of joe. When you’re feeling under the weather, adding this your tea will brighten up those dreadful mornings when you wake up. Feeling festive? This honey water can even find its way in magarita or mojito concoctions!

Check out Bee Local’s recipes for other inspirational ways to use their products here!


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