Different Meanings of “Panier”

myPanier, which means ‘my basket’, represents a traditional way of shopping where consumers are interacting directly with producers. The word panier (pronounced pan-ee-eh) is Old French for ‘bread basket’. Over centuries, panier has evolved to pannier, which has different meanings. Pannier refers to the baskets 18th century women would wear along their hips to widen their dresses. Pannier also points to any basket, bag, or box carried in pairs on an animal or attached to the sides of a bicycle or motorcycle.

mypanier - woman carrying panier

Inspired by Farmers Markets

We chose to use panier for its original meaning, which is the woven basket consumers use to carry groceries at the marketplace. A trip to the farmers market is truly a unique experience. There, consumers and producers can foster personal connections and bonds of mutual benefits. Consumers can approach kiosks to see first-hand the quality of the goods they are buying. Producers can offer recipes for the food they are selling as well as interesting tidbits about the ingredients and process. By engaging with one another, their relationship goes beyond just transactions. Consumers can put faces and names to the people making their food and learn more about their background.

mypanier-man and woman carrying panier

Since producers don’t need to pay any intermediary to sell their products, they can set a lower price and get what they deserve. As a result of this transparency between them and the consumers, the market becomes a place where the community gathers and thrives.mypanier-consumer talking with producers

What is myPanier?

Inspired by the magic of this experience, myPanier brings you the same values of traditional marketplace. These values are Fairness, Transparency, Authenticity, and Community. When you shop at myPanier, you can take comfort in knowing producers are rewarded fairly for their time and labor. We encourage open communication between producers and consumers for an enriching shopping experience. Our partners are local and global, meaning you can explore food from your region or across the world. Some of them are even family businesses that have been around for generations. They preserve the authenticity of their products by using the same recipes and tools that have been passed down to them by their loved ones.

All our producers are passionate about what they do and dedicate their lives to perfecting it. Through their stories, you can see their charm as if you were standing right in front of them with your panier.

mypanier-cooking basket (3)


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