When we say COOP’S MicroCreamery’s Hot Fudge gives an over-the-top dessert experience, we really mean it! Each lid topper resembles thick chocolate sauce dripping down the sides of each jar. Before you even get to the topping itself, you can already smell the essence of chocolate from its glossy lid. Each lid is adorned with hardened wax that has been applied by hand.

coops-hot fudge sauce-mypanier

Hot Fudge Sauce, 10.6oz

How COOP’s MicroCreamery Started

So who is the mastermind behind these delectable dessert toppings?

Founder Marc “Coop” Cooper was once an eletrical engineer and hospital administrator who became an owner of Herrell’s franchise stores. Herell’s is a chain of ice cream shops founded by longtime legend Steve Herrell. After making ice cream for over 30 years, Marc decided to come up with his own brand of ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and dessert toppings.

coops-marc cooper scooping ice cream-mypanier

Marc Cooper, Founder and owner of COOP’s MicroCreamery

While great ice cream stands alone, quality toppings will take any dessert to the next level. Although Marc only started his business in Watertown, MA a few years ago, COOP’s has already garnered a lot of recognition. His handmade chocolate and salted caramel sauces have been recipients of the sofi™ awards from Specialty Food Assocation in 2014 and 2015. His products have been featured on Boston Magazine as well as New York Times. Even U.S. representative Joe Kennedy and chef Andrew Zimmern cannot stay away from Marc’s desserts.

Quality Ice Cream Toppings

A notable characteristic about COOP’s MicroCreamery is that they care deeply about the origins of their ingredients. In an interview with Wicked Local, Marc shares the secret to COOP’s success: using local ingredients whenever possible. Their cream and butter comes from various parts of the New England area. Their sauces are often commended for having just the right amount of sweetness, thanks to their choice of using cane sugar over corn syrup. When ingredients can not be locally produced, they are instead sourced from the world’s finest suppliers. For example, cocoa beans, a key ingredient for making Chocolate Hot Fudge Sauce, grows best under tropical climates. Every few months, Marc imports them in bulk all the way from the Ivory Coast in Africa to process in The Netherlands.


coops-vegan hot fudge sauce-mypanier

Vegan Hot Fudge Sauce, 10.6oz

Furthermore, their sauces are gluten-free, non-GMO and all-natural — no preservatives or artificial anything! Vegan hot fudge lovers will rejoice at Coop’s thoughtful alternative, which replaces the cream and butter with coconut cream and coconut oil. Warming up the hot fudge only takes a few seconds in the microwave (without the lid) and you’ll have mess-free homemade chocolate sauce! If you like caramel candies, Salted Caramel Sauce features the same slow-cooked caramel found in McCrea’s Candies.

coops-salted caramel sauce-mypanier

Salted Caramel Sauce, 10.6oz

What we love about Marc’s toppings is that they are not only for ice creams! They taste amazing on crepes, cakes, brownies, whatever your sweet tooth desires!


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