Augier, a 4th generation company in Vaison la Romaine, Provence that still thrives on real values and integrity, and who refer to themselves on their website as a “human-sized company with multiple skills, combining know-how and tradition.” So right here is where your money should be, supporting brands like Augier Miel who will bend over backwards to deliver products with authenticity to the consumer.

Augier has garnered awards almost from the start of their business, earning a first prize for their lavender infused honey in Paris, 1935. This small business has well over a thousand hives today, and the company under the guiding hand of Andre Augier, son of founder Louis Augier, takes their responsibilities towards the environment and the customer extremely serious. All their honey is potted under the best conditions, to ensure that your taste experience will be unrivalled each and every time.

A last thing to note here is the importance of ensuring that your honey is not just falvoured with some synthetic flavourant, but instead is infused with the real things, such as the glorious lavender grown under the blue skies of Provence. Something else that the Augier family business manages to do so exceedingly well.

So if you are serious about your honey, then you should get serious about using pure, undiluted, non-irradiated honey. Such as those that can be found on the shelves of Augier.



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