Zursun Idaho, Paris Bistro Bean Soup Blend - 1.5 lbs


Zursun Paris Bistro mix of non-GMO dried heirloom beans, use to combine with onions, carrots, celery and other vegetables for making a rich and hearty soup

Zursun has been growing heirloom beans and legumes on small-scale farms in Idaho since 1985. With the seeds passed on from generation to generation, Zursun maintains its value of growing quality beans without genetic modification. The Snake River Canyon region of Idaho where the beans are from are rich in loamy soil, an ideal environment for growing beans.

  • Non-GMO
  • Back label includes Paris Bistro soup recipe


Beans - Pinto, Pink, Cranberry, Black, Red, Kidney, Great Northern, Baby Lima, Large Lima, Blackeye, Garbanzo, Split Peas - Yellow & Green. Green Lentils, Pearl Barley

Contains wheat, may contain a trace percentrage of cereal grains