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Yakami - Ponzu Juice, All Natural, 12oz (375ml)

Yakami Orchard from Japan


Yakami Orchard Ponzu Juice is a 100% natural, unfiltered base made with aged rice wine vinegar, mirin (sweet rice wine), yuzu juice and zest, shaved bonito fish and kombu seaweed.

  • Comes in a 12oz bottle
  • Made in Japan

Rice wine vinegar, salted mirin (sake sugar, water, salt, yeast extract), (alcohol 8% by volume), salt 1.5% wt. by volume), water, yuzu citron juice, yuzu citron zest puree, bonito, kombu seaweed

Tasting Suggestions:

  • Blend with white or tamari soy sauce for a dipping sauce
  • Use in marinades or dressings

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