Pernicious Pickling - Pickled Red Onions, 16oz Jar


Sweet & sour pickled red onions combined with crushed red pepper and mustard seed to deliver just a hint of heat. Comes in a 16oz jar, ready to eat!

Tasting Suggestions:

  • Served alongside cured meats and cheese
  • Garnish a brisket and horseradish cream po' boy
  • Layer into charred asparagus tacos with cotija and adobo
  • Toss with grilled octopus and smoked potato
  • Drink a sweet & sour martini


Q: Why do the onions appear brown over time?

A: There IS a color change with our pickles since we do not use the artificial preservatives and colorings that are found in most store-bought pickles. This color change can be especially evident in the Red Onions, whose color is completely dependent on the onions themselves.