Miguel & Valentino - Fig & Almond Cake from Spain, 8.82oz


Miguel & Valentino moist flourless fig and almond cake with anise and cinammon, handcrafted in Spain with respect to the traditional Catalan recipe

Also known as Pan de Higos, the fig and almond cake is the traditional way of preserving figs in the winter months in Spain. The finest dried Pajareno figs from Spain were havested in late autumn and used in this recipe. Compared to Turkish figs, these are smaller but much sweeter, thanks to its thin and delicate skin. Marcona almonds, notable for being the "Queen of Almonds" is another delicacy from Spain found in this pastry. Compared to the California variety, these are much softer and sweeter.

  • Comes in 1/2 wheel of 8.82oz


Dried Spanish figs, almonds, cinnamon and anise

Tasting Suggestions:

  • Serve in wedges or cubes or with your chacuterie board!