Massey Raw Blackberry Honey, 11.1oz Jar

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  • Light raw honey with notes of summer blackberry blossoms
  • Untreated, unfiltered and unheated

Massey Honey produces Single-Origin Raw Honey sourced from California apiaries using sustainable beekpeeing practices.

  • Kosher and Gluten-Free
  • Unheated and Untreated


Q: Real raw blackberry honey crystallizes within three weeks. Why is this honey still liquid?

A: I am not sure if we can pinpoint exactly when a type of variety will crystallize, however we can get a good idea. Some varieties crystallize much quicker than others- blackberry, wildflower, and orange blossom tend to crystallize the quickest, while sage and avocado take years to crystallize). This usually depends on the pollen content, type of nectar, and the moisture content for the year the bees were foraging. We also strain our honey 2-3 times (no filtering or heating) to remove any large particles. The extra strain increases the length of time to crystallization. The other factors which will play into the longer crystallization time is the higher amount of water received this year and subtle differences in pollen content.