Laura's 100% Clover Raw Honey - Unfiltered, Unheated, 16 oz

by Laura

100% raw honey infused with sweet clover from New York. Unheated and unfiltered honey that comes in an apothecary glass jar.

  • Beekeeping, honey making and packing done by Doan's Honey Farm in Hamlin, NY
  • Makes for a lovely gift!

Tasting Suggestions:

  • Replace sugar with honey in tea and coffee
  • Drizzle over chicken
  • Add equal parts of honey and butter to make honey butter
  • Can be used for natural face masks, hair masks and to treat burns and bee stings!


Q: Why does this honey pour so easily compared to other unheated honey?

A: Clover honey will not granulate as fast as other honeys such as widflower and buckwheat. Time of year and floral sources determine the rate at which honey will granulate.