Jacobsen - Salty Caramel Box, 6.5 oz


Artisanal caramel candy made with Jacobsen Sea Salt. With a bright flavor and delicate crunch, our flake salt makes for an ideal pairing with this rich, buttery profile!

  • Each box contains 24 individually wrapped candies

Background on these Salty Caramel Box:

People’s craving for sweet flavors goes back as far as history can keep track. But it wasn’t until we got to the era of serious flame-powered cooking that true caramels came to life. Before that, both the heat and the raw sugar needed were hard to come by. Thankfully, human ingenuity wasn’t about to stop exploring ways to create better candy. We cannot claim to have discovered a new recipe or pioneered a breakthrough in candy. Quite the opposite, in fact. We did what we feel like we do best: kept things simple and focused on the ingredients and the process. We slowly toast the sugar, using premium quality butter that’s melted and golden before stirring in heavy cream and generous amounts of our flaky sea salt. Introducing caramels made to stand up to your grandparents, and your, tastes.