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Imbert Artisanal Chestnut Cream (Creme de Marrons), 80g Tube

Imbert from France

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Imbert Chestnut Cream (Creme de Marrons) is made with fresh chestnuts and rich and dark Bourbon vanilla giving it a soft texture perfect to use as a spread

Imbert is one of the few companies in its field to use fresh chestnuts, not the frozen peeled kinds. Their production runs from mid-October to end of March, and every year, they use about 800 tons of chesnuts to make their products. What is unique about their chestnuts is they use the best: large, sweet chestnuts with only one chestnut nestle inside, as opposed to two.

  • Contains 50g of chestnut puree per 100g


Chestnuts (50%), sugar, Bourbon vanilla

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