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Halen Mon - Pure Sea Salt Smoked Over Welsh Oak, 100g Pouch

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Halen Mon Pure Sea Salt Smoked Over Welsh Oak is made by slowly smoking sea salt over Welsh oak that gradually changes the bright crystals into toffee-toned flakes. With their intense smokiness, this salt makes a great seasoning for grilled meat, roasted bone marrow, eggs, or even adding to chocolate and caramel desserts for a hint of saltiness. 

Crunchy yet smooth, they can easily be sprinkled by hand but also keep shape even on the hottest of dishes without melting down.

  • No additives 
  • Comes in 100g pouch

Did you know?
• Halen Môn's salts from filtered seawater are so exceptional, they hold a distinguished Designation of Origin status (DO) in Wales.
• They need the Queen's permission to draw the water.