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Reynaud - Avola Vendome Jordan Almonds (Dragees), 300g Tin

by Reynaud


Dragees are French bite-sized confectionary with a hard outer shell made with sugar. These specialty candies from Provence have traditionally been a part of weddings, birthdays and other lavish celebrations in France. Now they can be enjoyed for any occasion or as an everyday snack!

Dragee Reynaud produces 5 varieties of dragees with almonds (similar to a Jordan almond) of different shapes and sizes. The difference in appearance between each variety also contributes to their slight difference in taste.

The "Avola Vendome" dragees contain 44% almonds while the rest is sugar coating, which is much higher than the average 30% found in most. In fact, the Avola variety is considered to be of the highest quality among almonds, particularly known for its large size and flat and even surface.

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