Corsiglia - Artisanal Chestnut Cream (Creme de Marrons), 350g


Made by Corsiglia with 55% candied sweet chestnut pulp, 45% cane sugar, and with subtle flavors of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. The result is a delicious sweet spread with a mellow and supple texture!

  • Available in a 350g jar
How Corsiglia's Chestnut Cream are Made:

Corsiglia uses premium chestnuts that grew in a nice village south of France called Collobrieres.

Corisiglia's chestnut cream is very light in color because of the natural color of peeled chestnuts. Whole chestnuts are candied in syrup made of cane sugar, wheat glucose and Bourbon vanilla beans at 60 °C to preserve the flavor of the chestnuts.

Everything is then grinded together to achieve a fine paste-like texture. The balance between the fruit taste and sugar is controlled to keep the former superior.

  • To best preserve the product, store it in the the refrigerator after opening