Organic Durum Wheat Artisan Pasta - Elbows by Baia Pasta, 16oz


Baia Pasta's Elbows (Gomiti) is an artisanal Italian dry pasta made with organic durum wheat semolina and flavored with pumpkin and rosemary herb. Its unique tube shape is excellent for trapping hearty sauces or baking!

The grain of Baia Pasta has been finely milled more than the average brands' to retain the nutrients and minerals of the American-grown durum wheat. Combined with the traditional process of slowly drying pasta by the fresh San Francisco Bay and kneading the dough in cold waters, the result is a small-batch pasta with an unrivaled texture and flavor!

  • Comes in a 16oz box
  • Al Dente: 5-6 minutes
  • Handcrafted in Oakland, California

    Organic durum wheat semolina flour, freeze-dried vegetables and/or spices, water