Bronzini – Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed from Matured Olives

Bronzini – Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed from Matured Olives



The Cuvee a l’Ancienne (traditional) is French virgin olive oil cold-extracted from matured olives with raw artichoke and black olive notes.


This Cold Pressed Unfiltered Olive Oil is extracted from matured olives of Century-old trees in Provence, using the same traditional olive oil making method used by our ancestors for centuries. It is the perfect balance of light fruity flavors and notes of black olives, mushrooms, and dried fruit.

Dominant olive varieties: Picholine, Lucca (Provence)

Tasting Suggestions: Ideal for seasoning green vegetables, fish, and white meats


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250ml, 500ml, 750ml

In 2010, Philippe restored Le Moulin à Huile de la Chartreuse, an olive oil mill built in 1358 and one of the oldest active mills in France. For almost 650 years It never stopped working – except for a short spell of inactivity after the French Revolution. Other than modernizing the hardware, nothing much has changed. They continue to be passionate about the quality of their olive oil and strive for excellence