Switchel Syrup, 12.7oz

Switchel Syrup, 12.7oz


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Made by sweetening ginger-infused apple cider vinegar with cider syrup to create a full-bodied flavor!


Tasting Suggestions:

  • Great in sparkling or still water and tequila cocktails
  • Use as a glaze for tofu and chicken

Additional information

Weight 12.7 oz
Dimensions 2.875 x 2.875 x 7.5 in

Jonathan and Nicole Carr are a husband and wife team who officially launched their operation in 2012 after six years of tending their baby apple trees (they take a long time to mature!) Formerly organic market gardeners at the turn of the century, they find it exciting to now run a business based on products they have shepherded from planting the saplings – to corking the bottles!