La Dunkerquoise – Pure Butter Waffles Tin

La Dunkerquoise – Pure Butter Waffles Tin


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Pure butter waffle biscuits that come in a collectable cylindrical tin! Each metal tin is decorated in an “Art Nouveau” style, a “new art” movement that flourished in the early 1900s.


These Pure Butter Waffles Tin contain the simple flour, brown sugar, butter, eggs and salt. The secret to these delicious treat, however, is the baking time and proportions used to create them. Founder Louis Preneel came up with the recipe for these Flemish waffles back in 1904. La Dunkerquoise has been kneading and baking hundreds of small dough rolls every day in the same oven ever since!

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The founder of La Dunkerquoise, Louis Preneel, was a pastry maker from Malo-Les-Bains, a seaside resort in Dunkirk, a city in Northern France. The inhabitants of Dunkirk will confirm that: around 1900, Louis made pure butter waffles and almond thins so tasty that people would come from miles away on Sundays just to buy some. The ingredients and recipe have remained unchanged since 1904.