Mouettes Arvor – Scallop Rillettes, 125g

Mouettes Arvor – Scallop Rillettes, 125g


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Mouettes d’Arvor Scallop Rillettes is a creamy French spread prepared with scallops and fish poached until they reduce to shreds and mixed with spices


  • All-natural ingredients only
  • No artificial flavoring
  • Preserved in a resealable glass jar


Scallops 30%, white fish (flesh and pulp), cream, carrots, salted butter, wheat flour, sunflower oil, onion puree, mashed garlic, salt, spices

Tasting Suggestions:

  • Serve scallop rillettes with toasted baguette slices or cucumber rounds

The Conserverie Gonidec was founded by Jacques Gonidec and his parents in the Brittany region of France in 1959. Since then, the family’s knowledge of preserving fish and making fish products have been passed down for over three generations. The preparation work for preserving fish as well as canning fish is all done by hand. The best extra virgin olive oil and Muscadet white wine are used to decorate the fish. Other condiments and vegetables used are all-natural and there is no artificial flavoring involved.