Massey Raw Raspberry Honey, 11.1oz Jar

Massey Raw Raspberry Honey, 11.1oz Jar


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  • Light raw honey with raspberry and cocoa notes
  • Untreated, unfiltered and unheated


Massey Honey produces Single-Origin Raw Honey sourced from California apiaries using sustainable beekpeeing practices.

  • Kosher and Gluten-Free
  • Unheated and Untreated


Q: Do the bees feed off the berries, or how is it made?

A: One may think the honey is infused or artificially flavored, however this is not the case. The bees feed off of the nectar and pollen of raspberry bushes while they are in bloom. This gives the honey an inherent taste and color. We call it raspberry honey because we extract the honey after the bloom since the bees were only foraging on raspberry at the time.

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Ryan Smith has always been fascinated with bees and honey. Even in college, he went on a field trip to the beehives with an entomology class he was not even in! Since then, Ryan and his family have been collecting and relocating beehives and saving endangered bees throughout Orange County.