Bobo’s Mountain Sugar – Maple Syrup Amber Color, 8oz

Bobo’s Mountain Sugar – Maple Syrup Amber Color, 8oz


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Bobo’s Mountain Sugar’s Amber Rich is an even-keeled, wood-fired Vermont maple syrup with a shimmery golden color and a buttery texture.


Tasting Suggestions:

  • Go-to choice for switchel (ginger water), stews, and dressings
  • Delicious on waffles and vanilla ice cream
  • Glaze over sauteed greens



Additional information

Weight 8.0 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 5.5 in

Bobo’s Mountain Sugar is a wood-fired operation, so we use local wood sourced either from our land or from our neighbors to ensure our fuel is local. We boil down the springtime sap from 2500 maple trees living on our hillside in Weston, Vermont. All of our sap comes from one sugarbush, so the syrup tastes like Bobo’s Mountain: the soil, minerals, organic material, water and the trees.