Maison Peltier – French Raw Thyme Honey, 250g

Maison Peltier – French Raw Thyme Honey, 250g


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Maison Peltier Thyme Honey is a raw unpasteurized French honey with a light mahogany color and an intense herbal aroma and flavor

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  • Made by Maison Peltier, a family business that has done beekeeping in Normandy (northern France) since 1946

Yves Peltier was born into a family of beekeepers in western France and has been fascinated with apiculture since. His knowledge of beekeeping and collection was so vast, that even the school of apiculture in Laval, one of the best training schools in France, and the French Honey Federation asked him to share his insights. With over 1,000 hives, Yves and his company Manoir des Abeilles is committed to sustainable beekeeping and the quality of the honey. His line of honey, Maison Peltier is organic and never pasteurized or adulterated.