Karine & Jeff – Organic Lentil and Squash Stew (Tajine), 13.4 oz

Karine & Jeff – Organic Lentil and Squash Stew (Tajine), 13.4 oz


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Karine & Jeff Vegetable Tagine is a North African and Middle Eastern stew prepared with Red Kuri Squash, lentils, apricot, celery and other organic produce

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Tajine is the stew that is named after the earthenware pot in which it is traditionally cooked. Red Kuri squash is a red-orange winter squash that looks like a pumpkin with a pear-like shape.


Cabbage, tomatoes, red Kuri squash, green lentils, onions, apricots, extra virgin cold-pressed sunflower oil, unrefined sea salt, sage, celery

  • Serves 1
  • Packaged in a glass jar
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free
  • Contains no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, or added sugar
  • Organic ingredients are carefully sourced from regional producers throughout France
  • Steam cooking is used to bring out the flavors while maintaining nutritional value
  • Contains pure spring water from the Montagne Noire (Black Mountains) in central southern France

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After Karine and Jeff got married, they spent some time living and working abroad in Central America, South America, Middle East and Africa. Throughout all their travels, they realized that they found joy in developing recipes for the restaurants they worked in. The couple decided to move to a village in southwest France along with their children, where they would share their culinary experiences with local customers from the kitchen of their family home.