Metal Box “Help Yourself” Candies Mint Flavor, 400g


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Soothing mint flavored hard candy that comes in a collectable metal tin with an playful opening on the side.

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These “Help Yourself” Candies Mint Flavor are a delicacy from Cambrai, France. Also known as bêtise candies, the name pokes fun at Emilie Afchain, a teenage boy who created this treat by accident in 1830! Customers of that time ended up loving how refreshing and digestive these candies were. These hard candies have been a sweet sensation ever since!

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Weight 14.11 oz
Dimensions 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.75 in

In 1830, Emelie Afchain was a young teenager and an apprentice at his family’s confectionary shop. He made a mistake while manufacturing candies for his family’s business, for which his mother chatised him. However, to her surprise they ended up selling very well! Customers loved how refreshing and digestive these hard candies were and they were soon known as the “Bêtises of Cambrai”.