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Favols – Pitted Prunes from Agen, 250g Bag

Favols – Pitted Prunes from Agen, 250g Bag


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Favols Agen pitted prunes are made with tender and sweet French plums, all-natural with no preservatives

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  • A very healthy snack loaded with iron and fiber
  • These prunes are a notable part of the Aquitane cuisine (a region in southwestern France)
  • Compared to California prunes, Agen prunes are dried for the right duration and temperature to keep them moist and flavorful

Favols is based in the southwest region of Aquitaine, which boasts some of France’s finest orchards. The company is very stringent on its fruit selection, making sure every fruit meets the criterion of being fresh, ripe and tasty. Their jams range from single-fruit jams to a combination-fruit jam, no-sugar added jams (Fruitessence jams) and jams made for pairing with cheese. Their Agen prunes are also a specialty fruit local to their region.