Chone Hot Sauce – Ghost Pepper & Habanero, 10oz

Chone Hot Sauce – Ghost Pepper & Habanero, 10oz


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  • 10 oz bottle of Ghost Pepper & Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Tangy at first taste with a gradual heat that hits hard in the back!
  • Handcrafted with 4 varieties of chili peppers, onion and garlic
  • Made with fresh ingredients in Orange County, California


The key ingredient in this hot sauce is ghost pepper! As one of the world’s hottest peppers, ghost pepper is a novelty that is not always available. However, when ghost peppers are added to hot sauces, they bring a unique flavor and heat profile that no other chili pepper can rival!

The makers of Chone Hot Sauce do not add any extracts, gums, fillers, sugar or water to their products. The tangy spiciness found in their Ghost Pepper & Habanero Hot Sauce entirely comes from the natural flavors of the ingredients used!

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 2.25 x 2.25 x 8.25 in

Since 1997, Wendy and Paul Bridgeman have been cultivating Chone pepper on their property in Laguna Niguel, CA. Satisfying local South Orange County pepper heads for more than a decade, the Bridgemans were encouraged by family and friends to take their hot sauce and pepper shakes commercial.