Abeille Diligente – Lavender Honey Drops, 180g Jar

Abeille Diligente – Lavender Honey Drops, 180g Jar


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L’Abeille Diligente honey drop hard candies filled with pure lavender honey from Provence, France

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  • Comes in a glass jar
  • Made with cane sugar and glucose syrup
  • Candies have been cold processed to preserve the flavor and nutritional benefit of the honey
  • May contain traces of milk, peanuts and tree nuts

L’Abeille Diligente, also known as “The Committed Bee” was created by Apidis (Apiculture Production Innovation Distribution), a family business of beekeepers since 1890. They are one of the largest honey producers in France, dedicated to quality and tradition. Today, Thomas and Gabriel are the fifth generation of the Perronneau family to continue the legacy.