philippe bronzini

Excellent olive oil begins with olives harvested directly by painstaking hands. Philippe Bronzini is the owner of the family-own olive oil site, Moulin de la Chartreuse, in France where he is widely considered one of the country’s most established and hardworking olive oil makers. Rightfully so, we say! His olive oils, Maison Bronzini are on a class of their own.

When he was young, Philippe helped his grandparents – who were peasant farmers at the time, plant olives at their home, and by hand, would diligently carry them to an olive oil production site. This memorable experience led him to continue this family legacy years later. Since then, Philippe, now with his son and cousin, continue to embark on this wonderful adventure of producing excellent quality olive oils of various types for people to discover – even earning two winning medals in Cannes’ worldwide competition along the way.

His most reputable olive oil? Without question, the standalone vintage Terroir. With its artichoke flavor and subtle balance between pungency and sweetness, it is an oil concocted with six varieties of olives handpicked from 3500 homegrown olive trees. Drizzle some over toasted garlic bread, add a clove of garlic, and you’re well on your way to recreating a special, culinary retreat with one of the best olive oil makers of our time.

Olive Oil
Today, Philippe has chosen to share his traditional family product to the worldwide market, where everyone can now experience this delectable olive oil. Hooray for us – we have our pots and pans ready!


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