Aristocades, Golden Girls, Shuttles, Macarons, Croquets… these are just a few of the delightful biscuit ranges you will find at Biscuiterie de Provence. Traders since 1833 and now purveyors of the finest biscuits, this sixth generation family business has never lost their passion for their key ingredient: the glorious Almond. Passed down from father to son in the Bedouin family, they have a way with almonds and biscuit recipes that will leave the biscuit lovers amongst us, in awe.

Biscuiterie de Provence maintains a beautiful balance between respect for tradition and innovation, adhering to strict quality standards at all times. Sticking to their traditional family recipes means foregoing all dyes, preservatives, chemical ingredients and palm oil. Their pastry chefs have also sought to substantially reduce the salt, sugar and fat in their biscuits and cakes. Ultimately it means that they are able to deliver the finest biscuits that are especially in tune with their customers’ health needs. It then comes as no surprise that Biscuiterie de Provence is known as an expert in healthy biscuits, ranging from savory to sweet, gluten-free and organic.



Anyone who knows their biscuits, will know that finding all-natural biscuitsis indeed a rarity, especially because biscuits have become one of those food items that are particularly unhealthy, loaded with trans-fats, sugars and preservatives. In a time of increased profit targets and subsequent declined consideration for the health of theconsumer, it’s so refreshing to know that there are still producers whose integrity is above reproach, and who truly care about what it is that we eat.


By being steadfast in their traditional ways and choosing only the finest, local ingredients, Biscuiterie de Provence has returned the age old pleasure of eating biscuits, to their grateful customers. And they do so with great aplomb.


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