Producing olive oil is an art as old as the mountains. Similarly, the average olive tree lives between 300 and 600 years, befitting the idea that there is a timelessness associated with this almost ancient product. Another reminder that time might just as well be measured in units of olive oil, is the Olive Oil Mill (Le Moulin à Huile de la Chartreuse) that was built in 1358 and is regarded as one of the oldest active mills in France. For almost 650 years it never stopped working – except for a short spell of inactivity after the French Revolution.

picture1At Moulin de la Chartreuse, this sense of timelessness is almost tangible. In 2010, Philip Bronzini restored the mill to enhance the historical parts of the building, whilst at at the same time  modernising the equipment. But other than the hardware, nothing much has changed in their rhythm over the past few decades, crushing and milling their olives to extract its fruit juice, the precious golden oil so prized by those in the know.

The Bronzini family is unashamedly passionate about the quality of their oil and continue to strive for excellence, as their numerous certifications and awards have shown.

  • Organic Certification in 2009.
  • The AOC Provence in 2009.
  • Silver medal in the PACA and Languedoc-Roussillon Region for their green fruity Cuvée Terroir in 2010.
  • Gold medal for Products of Excellence, category Fruity Green, for the Cuvée AOC Provence, awarded by the General Council in 2010.
  • Gold medals awarded by the General Agriculture Council in 2011, 2014 and gold and silver in 2016 for their Oil de Olive Cuvee Terroir.



There are many, many olive oils on the market today, but equal in quality they are not. Choosing a properly awarded brand is a sure fire way of ensuring you get to enjoy the finest version of the humble olive oil. As for Maison Bronzini,….one can only sigh and hope you never again have to eat your salad without a generous splash of their acclaimed Cuvee Terroir.






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