Anyone who has ever been inside a cave, will know that one can’t help expecting to find something unique and precious inside. The idea that caves hold hidden treasures is not only shaped by children stories such as Aladdin, but also by modern day expeditions that have yielded some remarkable finds, including rock paintings estimated to be thousands of years old. Caves are mysterious at best, and can often yield the most unexpected surprises.


It would thus come as no surprise to learn that an almost hidden gem in the world of wine is produced in, you guessed it, a cave. In fact, the quality of Domaine Durieu wines would suggest that no other place would do their quality quite as much justice as a cave. A cave built in 1615 and located in the heart of the village, Avenue Baron Le Roy.

The Domaine Durieu wine label was envisioned and brought to life by Paul Durieu, with its first vintage in 1976. Today, under the skillful leadership and technical mastery of his two sons, Vincent and Francois Durieu, this label without a doubt delivers some of the region’s finest Châteauneuf du Pape, as well as Plan de Dieu and Côtes du Rhône. The label has built up quite a reputation in France and is well referenced in wine guides such as Parker (referring to their 2010 Châteauneuf du Pape as “sensational”) as well as Bettane & Desseauves – but by and large Domaine Durieu remains a relatively localised family business, focused on quality and authenticity and producing small batches, as opposed to venturing into the world of mass production. Clearly, if you are hoping to discover the next big thing in the world of wine, then Domaine Durieu is certainly it.  Appropriately available in a cave.




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