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Nicole Dunphy, founder of Pandora Bell and confectionary aficionado

How Pandora Bell First Started

Founder Nicole Dunphy first opened Pandora Bell in 2009 when Ireland was amid an economic crisis. Interestingly, the artisan food movement had also been growing around that time. This prompted Nicole, who has always wanted to become an entrepreneur to start a business selling artisanal confectionary products. As an art history major, she greatly appreciated vintage packaging and the Georgian style architecture that surrounded her hometown, Limerick. These together, along with a mysterious movie character, gave her inspiration to create Pandora Bell.

Inspired by a Charming Irish Girl

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1930s Irish girl Pandora Bell enjoying a cup of Crumbly Butter Fudge

Pandora Bell was a stylish young lady from the 1930s whose diary Nicole stumbled upon as a child in her father’s antique shop in Limerick. In this diary, Pandora shared her experience as she travels the length and breadth of Ireland and takes the Grand Tour of Europe on a steam train. She befriended many others along the way and got to try the finest chocolate and pastries of her time. On the outside, Pandora was elegant but restrained. However, on the inside, she was full of life and fancied food, art, and literature.

The taste of any Pandora Bell sweets will evoke a joy similar to a child stepping foot into a local candy shop. Pandora Bell crafts all their confectionary using only real ingredients and old-fashion candy making methods. Their sweets are also GM free and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or added preservatives to ensure that each experience is nothing but pure and enchanting.

Artisanal Sweets Made with Passion and Real Ingredients

Pandora Bell offers a wide selection of goodies, from liquorice to fudge to real fruit jellies. The cornerstones of their liquorice are balance, purity, and texture. The art of a pure and well-balanced liquorice has been refined in the Nordic countries. Pandora Bell’s liquorice are made with high quality Persian Liquorice Root, which has been noted for its health benefits for centuries. Another bonus is that they are also vegetarian and vegan friendly! While their Sweet Liquorice is a classic in their licorice collection, their Authentic Salty Liquorice is a food infatuation of their region. On the other hand, their Smoked Sweet Liquorice is an unique delicacy that is made cold-smoked for two days on alder wood.

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Pandora Bell’s Liquorice are all made with Persian Liquorice root

For our gluten-free friends who adore sweets, you’re in luck! Pandora Bell has the fruitiest Jellies and the richest Crumbly Butter Fudge you will ever taste! Their Real Fruit Jellies are made with 70% fruit pulp so the taste of fresh fruit bursts from every square. Moreover, flavors of real strawberries, apricots, lemons, raspberries, and pears will remind you of how sweets should really taste like. Don’t be scared to pop seconds and thirds in your mouth; these Real Fruit Jellies are fat free and free from gelatin! A bite of their Crumbly Butter Fudge will give you that ‘Once Upon a Time’ sensation! Their fudge is made with a generous helping of butter! It is then cooled naturally and broken by hand to bring you the nostalgia of handcrafted treats.

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Real Fruit Jellies with 70% Fruit Pulp


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