It all started with a nougat recipe in 1946, in a little town named Montelimar. It wasn’t always the world’s nougat capital of course. But three men, Amblard, Aurelle and Cheval have helped make it so. These three men (hence the name of “the three bees”) decided to promote local produce such as lavender honey and crisp almonds from Provence in a recipe that has remained unchanged ever since…they were the founders of Les Trois Abeilles, producers of exceptional quality nougat.


All Les Trois Abeilles nougat products are handmade using a slow process with the finest ingredients. No preservatives, no artificial colorants – just good honest ingredients that your grandmother will  recognize. An important yardstick in today’s tricky food industry.

So if you are going to treat yourself to nougat, do it in style: quit the mass-produced plastic concoctions on the shop shelves and instead consider a nougat that is produced in the finest Montelimar tradition: Les Trois Abeilles nougat.



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