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Jonathan Carr and Nicole Blum, makers of New England’s finest cider products

Nothing screams fall than pulling out your warm sweaters and raking and bagging leaves off your front porch.

But wait, what if you are somewhere in the world where the weather does not change and seasons barely exist?

You can still celebrate one of the most beautiful seasons of the year with some crisp, effervescent ciders! Martha Stewart 2014 Food Finalist and Yankee 2015 Editors’ Choice Food Award Recipient Carrr’s Ciderhouse boasts a variety of cider products, ranging from hard and dessert cider to syrup and vinegar cider. With an orchard of over 2500 apple trees in 7 different varieties, Carr’s owners Jonathan Carr and Nicole Blum are at the forefront of their operation, ensuring that each end product is richly flavored and carefully bottled.

The husband and wife team first moved to Hadley, Massachusetts around 2002 when Jonathan was studying Pomology (the science of fruit cultivation) at the University of Massachusetts. Behind every apple tree grown on their farm is elaborate research done to minimize harm to the land and maintain quality without using pesticide sprays. After harvesting the apples, they pass them over to the Mount Gilead press, which has been reliably around for over a century in the New England area. Pressing occurs from the beginning of fall to December and afterwards the apples are used to make a wide selection of artisanal products.

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Among all their products, hard cider is what Carr’s Ciderhouse is predominantly known for. Jonathan and Nicole spend the winter time waiting for their apple juice to ferment and mature. They then store it in bulk and bottle it throughout the year with the help of their two children, Ava, 12, and Harry, 10. Although hard cider has been a favorite among Americans since the colonial times, its popularity has been most notable in the last couple years. From 2011 to 2013, its production has tripled and is set for greater growth in the near future. What makes Carr’s Ciderhouse unique from other mass producers, however, is their personalized touch from planting to packaging. As masters of their craft, the Carrs not only manually label each bottle, but also bottle each product with a machine that Jonathan built himself.carr ciderhouse-jonathan carr-mypanier

Quench your thirst with Carr’s Ciderhouse hard cider or smother your pancakes with their cider syrup to experience the beauty of New England’s seasons without leaving the comfort of your home.


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