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Life's A Peach Cocktail

Life's A Peach Cocktail

So you think you’re adventurous? Rise up the heat this weekend if you dare with Mike's Hot Honey Chili-Infused Hot Honey Syrup sold on myPanier’s website 😉
Dreaming of Summer and one of our favorite MHH cocktails from bartender Benjamin Clayton of Blue Hill: “Life’s A Peach”

-2oz Blanco Tequila⠀
-3/4oz Mike’s Hot Honey Syrup*⠀
-3/4oz Fresh Lemon⠀
-Muddle half a peach⠀

Directions: Dry-shake with one egg white. Then give a hard shake with ice. Be careful not to water down too much. Double strain into a Collins glass full of rocks and top with a splash of club soda.⠀
*For Mike’s Hot Honey syrup, dilute MHH with cold water at a ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part MHH. This allows the honey to better dissolve into the cocktail.
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