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Did you know "panier" is French for "basket"?

Did you know "panier" is French for "basket"?

We bet you didn’t remember that one from the French class you took 😉Pick out the perfect products on our online marketplace to add to your "panier" for your next picnic outing Wanna know what’s in ours?

Victoria Amory & Co. hancrafted Classic Lemon Mayonnaise Jacobsen Salt Co. Oregon Wild Albacore Tuna 🥖 Mario Fongo, Il Panatè traditional Italian Mini “Mother-in-Law” Tongue Flatbread Crackers

— Products shown: Jacobsen - Oregon Wild Albacore Tuna, 7.5oz, Victoria Amory - Classic Lemon Mayonnaise, 8oz and Mario Fongo - Mini "Mother-in-Law" Tongue Italian Flatbread Crackers, 3.5oz (100g).

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